Pastor and his wife have their eyes gouged out, parts of their ears torn off in Chicago attack

CHICAGO (WLS) – A Chicago pastor and his wife were cleaning outside his mother’s property when they were brutally attacked and bitten, allegedly by a local man.

Pastor Timothy Johnson and his wife, Renee Johnson, who is a special education teacher, said a man approached Timothy Johnson outside his mother’s property last Saturday in the Fernwood neighborhood. The man offered to sell watches to the pastor, and he declined.

“The gentleman tried to sell him something, and my dad said no. Literally after ‘no’ that was it. He was attacked. So it wasn’t a full conversation. It wasn’t. a five or ten minute reasoning session. It was pretty instantaneous, and I think that’s what’s most shocking about it, “Johnson’s son Antonio Johnson said.

Pastor Timothy Johnson and his wife, Renee Johnson, were brutally attacked, beaten and bitten while cleaning in a Chicago neighborhood. They both have had surgeries, and more are likely.(Source: Johnson Family, WLS via CNN)

Timothy Johnson describes what happened as a brutal, brutal attack with the shovel he was using. He says the suspect bit both ears and that when his wife tried to help him, she was also beaten and had both ears bitten.

Prosecutors said the two victims also spat on them and had their eyes gouged out by the suspect’s fingers.

“Physically it was really a blow to me, my wife and our family,” said Timothy Johnson.

The suspect has been identified as Elijah Prince, 28, who was reportedly covered in blood at the time of his arrest. He faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault and battery. He undergoes a psychiatric examination in a hospital.

“Really heartbreaking to watch. It’s hard to describe how horrible it was without being overly graphic, but it was very, very shocking to see, ”said Antonio Johnson.

The Johnsons, whose lives have been devoted to service, say the attack was a blow to their bodies but not their minds.

“We got out of there, and we got out for a reason. I might not know what the reason is at the moment, but we are out of it, ”said Renee Johnson.

The Johnson children set up a GoFundMe to help their parents meet their unexpected medical expenses. They’ve had surgeries before, and more are likely. The effort raised more than $ 144,000.

The family say Timothy Johnson recently stepped down from the ministry because he was battling cancer.

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