Plus-size woman defies social media trolls

Caitlan Redding calls herself a “plus size Barbie”. (@caitlanredding/Caters)

A young British woman, who calls herself a “plus size Barbie”, says she won’t let trolls dictate what she wears.

Caitlan Redding, who wears a size 28, will continue to wear and share what she loves on social media and in life, despite the verbal abuse she experiences.

The 22-year-old, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, says she is regularly tormented by cyber bullies who say she shouldn’t be able to wear skimpy clothes.

But nonetheless, trying hard to ignore those cruel fat-shaming comments, Redding says bullies have no right to say what other people are wearing.

@caitlanredding / CATERS NEWS (PICUTRED Caitlan Redding, the self-dubbed plus-size Barbie)A 22-year-old who dubbed herself a

Redding says she often faces a obese barrage of bullies online, criticizing what she wears. (@caitlanredding/CATERS NEWS)

Redding’s more recent endorsement from brands promoting their plus-size outfits has made her even more of a target.

The recently hired recruitment administrator said: “I’m very proud of who I am and I won’t hide because people want to shame me because of my size.

“When a big brand shares a photo of me wearing their outfits, I’m happy and confident and I’m so proud of it.

“I love seeing comments supporting me, but too many people still think it’s okay to abuse strangers.”

@caitlanredding / CATERS NEWS (PICUTRED Caitlan Redding, the self-dubbed plus-size Barbie)A 22-year-old who dubbed herself a

But despite the nasty shameful comments, Redding wears what she wants. (@caitlanredding/Caters)

Redding says she’s not only seen comments on her profile, but also TikTok videos made about her, “saying I’m promoting obesity, brands shouldn’t fit my height and I deserve to be deceived”.

While she was understandably upset by the comments, she now shrugs off the hate. “I like my body the way it is, so I don’t care what people think of me anymore.

“I’ve had people create fake accounts just to send abuse to me – who has time for that?

“Everyone has an opinion but their opinion doesn’t control my life.”

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Redding is engaged to her teenage sweetheart, 23-year-old Sam Woolf, whom she met when she was 15. They hope to get married in 2024.

Speaking about his reaction to the abuse, Redding said: “Sam finds the comments harder to deal with than I do.

“He’s naturally defensive and protective of me, which is very nice.

“Yes, I was thinner when we met but Sam loves me for me no matter what my height.”

Referring to comments saying he’s “forced to cheat,” she adds, “I don’t want to waste our energy on this.

“I’m 22, happy in my relationship and have every right to be confident in whatever I choose to wear.”

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@caitlanredding / CATERS NEWS (PICUTRED Caitlan Redding, the self-dubbed plus-size Barbie)A 22-year-old who dubbed herself a

“I feel amazing in lingerie sets,” Redding says. (@caitlanredding/Caters)

Redding regularly posts her outfits on Instagram, whether they’re donated by brands, ads, promoting her clothes-carrying videos, or just what she’s wearing that day, ranging from seasonal cuts to outfits for different occasions. or lingerie.

“I feel amazing in lingerie sets and I won’t let someone call me grotesque stop me from flaunting my body,” she says.

“Whatever I’m wearing, underwear or even jogging bottoms and sweaters, some people will always have something to say.

“I love my curves – and so does Sam – and that’s all that matters.”

Redding has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, over 3,000 on Youtube and also hosts the podcast Cocktails with Cait with his friend Adam Stercz.

While she says she receives more negative comments than positive ones, she adds, “but there is also an incredible online community of people who are the same height as me or who are thinner but happy to let everyone have their own style. , his form and his confidence”.

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@caitlanredding / CATERS NEWS (PICUTRED Caitlan Redding, the self-dubbed plus-size Barbie)A 22-year-old who dubbed herself a

Redding and his partner Sam Woolf. (@caitlanredding/Caters)

Referring to the origin of the abuse, she explains: “I would say that 70% of the abuse comes from men, but the comments from women hit harder.

“They can be exceptionally cruel. Older women can be awful, I’ve had messages saying ‘I’d be ashamed if you were my daughter’.”

And responding to accusations of ‘promoting’ obesity, she says: ‘Yes, I’m confident in my height but I’m always aware of what I’m eating. I don’t overindulge in food. I try to eat as healthy as possible and exercise and I joined a gym.

“But whatever size I am or whatever I do is for me, not in response to trolls. I’m not promoting plus size, I’m promoting being confident and happy no matter what. size on the tag.

“I won’t be told what I can and can’t wear by a stranger hiding behind a keyboard.”

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