Portland, other parts of Oregon will see fog, others breeze

Details for January 26, 2022

PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – We will have a battle between dense fog and an east wind on Wednesday.

Portland and other communities in the Willamette Valley will see visibility drop overnight, continuing through the morning. Fog will be more prominent in areas blocked by the wind. This means that the area-to-area weather forecast for Wednesday is going to depend on wind and fog.

Look for visibility issues in the Cowlitz Valley and lower Columbia River basin. We will have our fair share of fog around Portland, but the wind coming out of the gorge can help clear it up.

We are likely to have a similar start to the day as Tuesday. The wind will help to stir up dry air to help fight off the fog that is forming. The faster the fog dissipates, the warmer the temperature should be for the day.

The visibility forecast in the graphical slideshow below will paint the early morning hours with dense, scattered fog. We are not in the presence of a widespread fog obstacle at the moment. You may want to recheck your route in the morning for a slowdown due to fog.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see the gusty wind and temperature forecast for Wednesday. You will notice an easterly wind finding a way through the western end of the gorge towards areas of Portland in the morning. That should be enough to dispel this fog around Portland.

If the weather patterns overplay the wind, the morning fog may linger until lunchtime. We are more likely to find the sun earlier because of the wind. There is no sign of this wind abating by Wednesday morning.

The wind can push the beach up to 20 mph throughout the day. This easterly breeze seems to find a way through the western hill areas to the Hillsboro and Beaverton area. This should help the fog that develops overnight due to radiation cooling.

Temperatures will drop to lows to the mid-30s by Wednesday morning. You will want a heavy jacket for the start of the day. If all goes as planned, it will push the upper 40s into the afternoon, which should be warm in the sun, but not so much in the shade. It will definitely be cold if you plan to walk or cycle in the east wind. We don’t have any rain in the forecast, we’ll just keep the afternoon sunny.

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