Portsmouth petrol: Live updates on panic buying of petrol at BP, Shell and Tesco cause disruption in Portsmouth

The incident happened at Shell in Hilsea as two van drivers clashed on Saturday morning.

Sainsbury’s in Farlington put up a ‘no fuel’ sign today.

Yesterday BP service stations in Park Lane, Bedhampton and Havant Road, Emsworth, ran out of fuel and had to close their forecourts – and now BP’s pumps in Eastern Road, Portsmouth have also closed along with the site in West Street , Portchester.

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BP service stations in Havant and Emsworth have closed their forecourts as fuel shortages hit…

It comes as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps yesterday urged motorists not to ‘panic buy’ fuel.

Mr Shapps said: ‘I will move heaven and earth to do whatever is necessary to ensure the trucks continue to transport our goods and services and our gasoline across the country.’

No fuel at Sainsbury’s in Farlington, Portsmouth on September 25. Photo: Richard Lemmer

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Last update: Saturday, September 25, 2021, 3:42 p.m.

  • A fight broke out at the Shell garage in Hilsea over fuel queues
  • Paramedics struggled to get fuel despite warning not to panic buy

AA says a lot of fuel at the source

The AA chairman insisted that “there is plenty of fuel at the source” and there is no need to panic buy.

Speaking to the BBC, Edmund King said: “We had discussions with government ministers last night and we spoke to the major oil companies, and we can reiterate that there is no problem with source supply.”

He continued: “Earlier in the week there were issues with the supply chain, as we know, due to a shortage of truck drivers, but that was just a localized issue. “

Mr King added: ‘Frankly what has exacerbated the situation is people going out and filling up when they really don’t need it.’

“If you think about it, 30 million cars out there, if they all have half a tank (and) if they all rush to fill the rest of the tank and the tank is about 60 litres, that will put a strain on the system.

“I didn’t think it would be so bad”

Jason Foreman, 23, and his partner Taylor Hutton, 22, are at the Shell garage in Eastern Road, Portsmouth. They drive from Southsea to Jason’s home town of Peterborough – a 160 mile trip and they have 142 miles of petrol in their tank. Jason said: “We’ve been here 35 minutes. I didn’t think it would be so bad. “I think it was made worse by panic buying.” He added: “I don’t think the government should bring in foreign drivers. There should be more incentives for drivers here already.

Shortage of drivers – no fuel

It’s easy to forget that these problems aren’t caused by a fuel shortage.

There is a shortage of drivers delivering to a small number of service stations across Britain – and panic buying is creating the queues we are seeing.

This report comes from the PA news agency:

The prospect of a temporary visa scheme to address the shortage of lorry drivers has been met with frustration and relief by industry figures and opposition politicians.

With an announcement expected over the weekend, Downing Street sources said the scheme, which reports will temporarily lift visa restrictions for foreign drivers, will be a “short-term solution” to ease the pressure on deliveries as Christmas approaches.

The Financial Times and the Telegraph reported that up to 5,000 temporary visas could be granted to lorry drivers, while the FT also said a similar number would be approved for food processing workers, particularly in the poultry industry.

Queues at Broom Way BP station, Lee-on-the-Solent

BP, Broom Way, Lee-on-the-Solent

And this is what Richard is referring to – ‘sorry no fuel’ sign at Sainsbury’s in Farlington

Our reporter Richard spotted long queues at Shell station in Farlington, Portsmouth, as he returned to cover something else

Tesco Fratton one-way system

Tesco Fratton has implemented a one-way system around the car park.

The fuel queue winds into the parking lanes, and there’s a worker there directing traffic for shoppers who need groceries or fuel

Saturday – demand continues

We’re covering the petrol queues live again on Saturday – stay here for the latest updates

Demand continues in Portsmouth – with queues shown here at Shell in Hilsea, where a fight broke out earlier this morning

Portsmouth drivers at Shell garage reveal frustration over ‘panic’

Hilsea drivers have expressed exasperation as motorists rush to buy fuel amid panic over supply shortages.

Hundreds of people have queued all day to fill up at Shell’s London Road outlet as garages in the area struggle to keep up with rising demand and dwindling fuel.

Now drivers stuck in the Hilsea forecourt have told The News people need to stop panicking.

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