Pringles hit by ‘shrinkflation’ as tube size shrinks 17.5%, but crisps get MORE expensive

Pringles has been hit by ‘shrinkflation’ after it was revealed that the popular potato chip company had reduced the size of the tube by 17.5%.

The standard 200g box of Pringles has shrunk by 35g since January 2022 and now weighs 165g.

The new 165g can of Pringles is offered at the recommended retail price of €2.99 compared to €3.29 for a 200g can of Pringles.

However, despite its smaller size and price, the 165g Pringles tube costs 10% more per gram.

It comes as many Pringles enthusiasts noticed the new, smaller 165g tubes on supermarket shelves, with the new logo design side by side with the 200g tubes.

The difference is visible as the 200g tubes are 25.5cm and the 165g tubes are 23cm.

Eagle-eyed customers have reported that some stores are selling the 165g Pringles tube for the same price as the 200g tube, and Dunnes Stores is currently selling both on special for €2.

Pringles on the shelf

Pringles said the change in weight of the standard Pringles tube was due to inflation, as the cost of making crisps increased.

A Pringles spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: “The recommended retail price of Pringles has not changed in Ireland since 2017, but since then there has been a significant increase in the cost of manufacturing this product. .

“As of January 2022, we have changed the 200g box of Pringles, at the recommended retail price of €3.29, to a 165g box, at the recommended retail price of €2.99. This 10% increase per gram reflects the fact that it now costs us more to manufacture the food than before.

“You can always find great deals on Pringles throughout the year and the price varies from store to store because it’s up to the grocer to decide what price to charge you.”

Pringles enthusiasts were outraged by the “shrinkflation” and took to online forums to vent.

A user from Reddit Ireland wrote: “Haven’t we snacked enough already?

Another person complained that the newly sized tube would be unsatisfactory, saying, “165g is barely enough for a single serving. I will have to buy two tubes at once now.

And another said: “Everything is getting smaller except the f*** price of it all.

One person writing on the forum this week said: “Both sizes are still available at my local Dunnes – smaller cheaper obvs so thought I had gotten a really good deal then realized I had been duped!!”

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