Pro-Putin newspaper outraged after Ukrainian shell hits Russia

A pro-Putin news site published an article outraged that a Ukrainian shell had exploded in Russia.

The pro-Kremlin site Pravda has published a series of propaganda articles throughout the conflict and today stood up against the Ukrainian resistance.

The report documented that the Ukrainian shell exploded in Russia’s Belgorod region, injuring “two”.

It includes a quote from Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region in Russia, who said: “There was an emergency – a shell was fired from Ukraine in our direction. The shell exploded in a village, several people were injured.

The ‘state of emergency’ that has been declared in the Russian region following the lone shell comes as Putin’s horrific siege of the city of Mariupol continues.

A Russian village was damaged (Stock)

Mariupol has been cut off from gas, water and electricity providers due to the bombardments and the locals are trying to survive by all means if they cannot escape.

The once peaceful town is now shrouded in a constant din of gunfire and explosions in hellish scenes for which the Russians are responsible.

Russian forces launched an incessant bombing campaign on Mariupol
Russian forces launched an incessant bombing campaign on Mariupol

Throughout the conflict, rather than calling for peace, the Russian state newspaper Pravda has been spreading lies and misinformation.

Last week (March 17), he falsely claimed that three “American mercenaries” had been killed by invading Russian forces.

The three men, named Capt. Michael Hawker, Lt. Logan Shrum and Lt. Cruz Toblin, are said to be “found” and “safe”.

The article claimed the men were identified by personal effects inside their bag “near the remains of one of the activists”, which allegedly included a Tennessee state flag.

America has denied Pravda’s claims

However, the report was quickly called “patently untrue” in a statement from the US National Guard.

“This afternoon, Russian media ‘Pravda’ incorrectly reported that three members of the Tennessee National Guard, whom it called ‘mercenaries,’ were killed in fighting in Ukraine,” the statement said.

“The ‘Pravda’ report is patently false. The three soldiers identified in the article are current or former members of the Tennessee National Guard.

“They are accounted for, safe and not, as the title of the article erroneously suggests, ‘American mercenaries killed in the Donetsk People’s Republic’.”

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