Returnal PS5 Patch 1.4.0 now available, 5.6 GB in size

Update: Housemarque has promised the new Returnal patch will be released today, June 14, and he has kept his word. The update is out now on PlayStation 5 and weighs in at 5.6GB. Much of the feedback we’ve read online has been overwhelmingly positive so far – there are a ton of small tweaks and improvements. quality of life – so it may be worth returning when you can.

Original story: Returnal is a wonderful game, but it has its fair share of problems. Although we have encountered almost no bugs in our day with Housemarque’s PlayStation 5 title, many players have faced faulty trophies, unreliable activity cards, and other miscellaneous issues. Luckily, the developer has gone to great lengths to fix everything and the last major update is just around the corner.

Patch 1.4.0 is slated for release next week, Monday June 14, and it has a pretty long list of changes and fixes. At the top of the notes are a few fixes for trophies, which weren’t always triggered when they should. With the new update installed, you will be able to replay “certain Act 1 & Act 2 trophies”, which may imply that you can replay bosses. Additionally, for some trophy scenarios that cannot be replayed, these trophies will be awarded retroactively.

For those trying to complete all of the Biome Surveys, some Scout Logs have been added to more locations, meaning those rarer collectibles will be more likely to spawn, and special encryption that might be impossible to get has been fixed. Additionally, activity cards intended to track your progress in surveys will provide accurate information with this fix.

There’s so much more: DualSense audio and haptics enhancements, rebalanced enemies, weapons and bosses, all kinds of bug fixes – it’s a big patch, this one. Click here to read all the patch notes.

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