Road test: Thinking of a mid-size truck? The newly revamped Nissan Frontier should be on your bucket list

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I don’t remember the exact brand of the first truck I drove. I know it was a 1942 chainring with a manual choke that had to be pumped in conjunction with the gas pedal to start. My grandfather used it to pick up hay bales and my job was to drive it slowly along the row of bales so they could be loaded onto the truck. The interior smelled of dust and sweat.

I love just about everything truck related so was looking forward to the chance to test the new Nissan frontier. In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that my current personal truck is a 2006 Nissan Titan. It was top of the line at the time with heated leather seats, a Rockford Fosgate sound system, and powered everything. After 15 years, I still love driving it but am a bit envious of the touchscreens and safety features of newer vehicles. However, I haven’t been able to justify the exchange, as it still works and works great.

Road test: Thinking of a mid-size truck?  The newly revamped Nissan Frontier should be on your bucket list

I drove the Nissan Frontier from Highland to Antelope Island. I also took it to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in American For Canyon and then into town for my typical runs for a few days. I tested the PRO-4X model specially designed to tackle rough terrain.

Here are some of my observations.

Best standard power in its class

Seeking lower price and improved mileage, most mid-size trucks switched to four-cylinder engines as standard with a six-cylinder option available at a higher price. The 2022 Nissan Frontier has opted for a 310 horsepower V6 engine in its base model.

As a truck guy, I’m all about the extra horsepower. Whether you’re pulling a stump out of the ground with a chain or towing a trailer, it’s good to know that your vehicle will move forward when you step on the accelerator.

Frontier’s towing capacity maxes out at 6,720 pounds with a maximum payload of 1,610 pounds. While the numbers aren’t enough for a heavy work truck, they should be enough to handle most recreational needs like towing a boat or camping trailer.

Road test: Thinking of a mid-size truck?  The newly revamped Nissan Frontier should be on your bucket list
Photo: Flint Stephens

It looks good

“Its bold bodywork and adoption of popular technology could make it the new trend. With a futuristic face and blistered fenders inspired by Nissan’s original “Hardbody” compact trucks, the freshly designed Frontier no longer looks like a blast from the past,” says a review from Car and driver.

Nissan trucks have a reputation for being tough and stylish and the new Nissan Frontier takes that to another level. If you want a truck that stands out, this one should do the trick.

Forbes Wheels reports: “The new Frontier has a high shoulder with body panels that project upwards to give the truck the appearance of being elevated. This is accentuated by the shape of the wheel arch cladding, headlights and taillights, all of which push the eye upwards. from afar, the truck looks like it was milled from a solid block of metal.”

Improved interior and display

While the interior is still identifiable as a Nissan, it is significantly upgraded. “The new interior has a much more contemporary look thanks to a big improvement in the quality and feel of the materials. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, and there are plenty of new storage options, including a huge console bin,” says “Rear space isn’t quite as roomy, but it’s competitive for the class. Perhaps most notable: the Frontier is incredibly quiet inside, and not just for a truck. There’s very little wind or road noise.”

With age, I’ve come to appreciate comfortable seats, and those in the new Nissan Frontier certainly qualify. After several hours of riding, my back and legs still felt great. The Silver Flat Lake Road is extremely washable, and the Frontier handled it at least as well as any other vehicle I’ve taken there.

Road test: Thinking of a mid-size truck?  The newly revamped Nissan Frontier should be on your bucket list

The Nissan Frontier’s touchscreen and infotainment system has all the features you’d expect, like Apple Car Play and Android Auto, plus voice recognition for audio and navigation, Siri Eyes Free and Android Auto. hands-free text messaging assistant. The sound system was fabulous, by the way.

Road test: Thinking of a mid-size truck?  The newly revamped Nissan Frontier should be on your bucket list

I liked the driver-selectable display that lets you see the status of the driver assistance system, off-road data, navigation and audio system details, fuel economy and more. information. The PRO-4X offers a bird’s-eye view monitor with moving object detection and an all-terrain mode. In 4WD low there’s a front camera view that lets you see rocks, ruts, logs and anything else that might get in the way as you weave through rough terrain.

Safety devices

Enhanced safety features are offered in an optional technology package for all Nissan Frontier trim levels. I’m a big fan of the safety features available today and wouldn’t dream of getting a new vehicle without them. If they save you from backing into a parking post or a small fender bender, they easily cover their cost.

Safety features available for the Frontier include Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Warning, Rear Park Assist, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking and Cruise Control. adaptive speed. Traffic Sign Recognition is an option on PRO models.

The model I tested was a demo with no price tag, so I can’t give you the exact cost of the vehicle I drove. J.D. Power reports, “Prices for the 2022 Nissan Frontier range from $27,840 for the base 2WD S trim King Cab/short wheelbase configuration to $37,240 for the top-line 4WD PRO-4X Crew Cab trim. Four-wheel drive is Adds $3,200 for King Cab S and SV trims, $3,000 for Crew Cab S and SV trims, and is standard with the PRO-4X Destination charge just increased to $1,175.

For anyone looking for a mid-size truck, the Nissan Frontier guarantees a personal test drive. Once you see it in person and feel its comfort, handling and power, it might climb to the top of your Christmas wish list.


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