Russians shell border villages in Sumy region with banned munitions


The Russian occupiers fired prohibited ammunition at the settlements of the United Territorial Community of Yunakivka (hromada).

Source: Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the head of the military administration of Sumy Oblast, on Telegram

Quote from Zhyvytsky: “During the shelling of the community of Yunakivka, the Russians used phosphorus shells!”

Details: The Sumy Oblast Military Administration reports that Russian troops fired at villages with phosphorus ammunition from Grad multiple rocket launchers located in Russia.

Information about casualties and the level of destruction is being clarified.

Later, Ukrainian border guards reported that the Russians had fired at the Sumy region with 9M22S incendiary ammunition. Grad multiple rocket launchers were located in the village of Gordeyevka in Russia.

A total of 30 shots were fired, of which 25 shells exploded in the sky above the village of Yunakivka hromada [community], and 5 others exploded on the outskirts. As a result of the strike, civilian infrastructure was damaged.

For reference: Military experts and investigators point out that Ukraine and Russia do not have phosphorus munitions in service.

Instead, it can be incendiary ammo, which is also prohibited – it cannot be used in or near cities.

The use of incendiary munitions on military installations is permitted only if they are located away from civilians.

These munitions are used to create large-scale fires in areas with dry vegetation using flammable combustible materials.

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