Russians shell Lviv Oblast, continue offensive in Severodonetsk, Ukrainian forces counterattack in Kherson Oblast

Ukrainian army inspects broken Russian equipment after one of the battles in Donbass

6:44 p.m.: The US Treasury Department has expanded the list of anti-Russian sanctions, reads the latest update posted on its website.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Putin’s cellist friend Sergei Roldugin, Russian businessman God Nisanov, Russian Transport Minister Vitaliy Saveliev and many others were included in the new US sanctions list.

Skyline Aviation, Severstal, Marine Investment, Graceful and Olympia superyachts, allegedly linked to Putin, were also included in the sanctions list.

4:42 p.m.: The Irish Senate (Seanad Éireann) has recognized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as genocide, Senator Mark Daly said in a tweet.

The resolution also states that during the invasion, Russian troops committed murder, rape and the large-scale use of heavy weapons against people, as well as shelling with heavy military equipment, attacks on civilians and sniper fire on civilians leaving burning houses.

The resolution also acknowledges that Russia’s attack on Ukraine was an “unprovoked act” and contrary to international law.

2:41 p.m.: Since the start of the full-scale invasion in February, Russia has occupied more than 3,600 Ukrainian settlements, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an address to the Luxembourg parliament.

“Russian troops have entered 3,620 settlements in Ukraine, of which 1,017 have been liberated. Another 2,603 ​​are to be liberated,” he said.

2:07 p.m.: Ukrainian forces counterattacked in Severodonetsk and managed to push the Russians back several streets, Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Hayday said in an interview with Ukrainian journalists.

The Russians overnight did not succeed in Severodonetsk, Hayday said. “Although they reported that they fully occupied and controlled the entire city. Unfortunately, they do indeed control most, but not all of the city. The fighting continues,” the governor said.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army pushed back the aggressors from several streets, and during the counterattacks the Ukrainians managed to take Russian prisoners.

morning summary

Overnight, the Russians shelled transport infrastructure in Lviv Oblast, injuring five people, the local oblast council reported. Today, dozens of trains are delayed. At the same time, the Russians also shelled Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy oblasts, wounding three more people.

A Russian fighter jet fired three missiles at the community of Krasnopil in Sumy Oblast. “One house was destroyed by direct missile fire. Several other houses were damaged, large-scale destruction in homes,” said Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, head of the Sumy regional state administration.

Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast have been the scene of the toughest fighting for several weeks already. The Russians now control almost 80% of Severodonetsk and have had some success in storming Komyshuvakha, the Ukrainian army general staff reported.

Last night, Russian troops repeatedly bombed the Azot chemical plant.

“They hit one of the administrative buildings and the warehouse where the methanol was stored. In Lysychansk, the city hospital building was damaged. The Russians are just destroying and looting our area,” the governor said. from Luhansk, Serhiy Hayday, in his Telegram.

Ukrainian forces have retreated to the nearby town of Lyman, but they continue to fight for Severodonetsk and last night captured several Russian POWs.

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian occupiers are trying to stop the Ukrainian offensive. While in northern Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian forces liberated more than 20 settlements.

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While Russia concentrated most of its forces on capturing Luhansk Oblast, the Ukrainians launched a counterattack on the southern front. NV’s international observer Ivan Yakovina reported that the sudden Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast caused panic among Russian forces there.

And today, one of the Russian proxy regiments in Kherson released a video, demanding withdrawal from the area due to lack of proper weapons, medical supplies and food.

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