SOG Flash MT Review: The lightest multi-tool with a full-size clamp

More than a decade after its launch, the Leatherman Skeletool has real competition – the SOG Flash MT. It is a full-size multitool intended for EDC.

For years, multitools have been great step savers. for household and garage chores. But their weight and sometimes hard-to-reach knives (the most commonly used tool) made them less than ideal for everyday carry. Fortunately, things slowly changed.

Leatherman has installed its blades on the outside of its tools, making them much more accessible. Then, with the release of skeleton tool, the brand has made the multitool light enough to be carried around on a daily basis. But there were still compromises – the Skeletool had really blunt clamps, the driver was off-center, and the tool was longer than necessary.

The Skeletool was the only complete multi-tool that could be carried daily. But now a new, even lighter challenger has entered the ring: the SOG Flash MT.

SOG Flash MT Specs

  • Additional tools: Needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, mid-drive screwdriver, bottle opener, pry bar and power-opening knife
  • Knife’s blade: Coated 2.36″ D2 with flat grind
  • OAL closed: 3 ¾”
  • OAL open: 5 ⅜”
  • Mass: 4.7 oz.
  • Price: $70
  • Native country: China

SOG Flash MT Review

Let’s talk about weight

SOG Flash MT - weight
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

There are many knives heavier than the Flash MT. For example, the Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ weighs almost an ounce more at 5.6 ounces compared to the Flash’s 4.7.

The SOG Flash MT is a truly lightweight multi-tool – the lightest with a full size clamp. These grippers also have the SOG Compound Lever System, giving plenty of strength when gripping objects.

Notable tests and features

I did some major office renovations and used the Flash MT to build some kit furniture (yuck), and it performed exceptionally well.

The clip is a deep top carry clip placed at an angle to pass it above the tool’s center of gravity, preventing it from rolling around in the pocket. This is usual for off center clips like those found on the Leatherman Skeletool, Vagueand Load.

Besides the size, there are some notable upgrades over its main rival, the Skeletool. the Flash MT has a much better and sharper pair of pliers, allowing you to get in and do some real work.

The mid-drive is absolutely ingenious in its implementation and blows the Gerber gooseneck pilot out of the water in terms of utility. Finally, the blade here is quite thin and sharp. Lots of multi-tools have incredibly large blades for no real reason, but that’s not an issue here.

SOG Flash MT
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)


The disadvantages of the SOG Flash MT are fairly typical of multitools. Its handle, with all its cavities and tool components, is far from comfortable.

The driver – a dual-head 4mm with Phillips on one side and a flat head on the other – is small enough to sometimes not work on larger fasteners.

One thing that was surprising was the blade play on the knife. I would prefer no assist and less slop, but I think given the design there has to be some wiggle room for the assist to work.


In the end, all these disadvantages do not weigh down the Flash MT. It is the smallest and most EDC compatible full-size multi-tool on the market. It also happens to have a great little blade. I highly recommend it.

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