Taurus 605: A Mag Pint-Size .357. Revolver

With its 2 “barrel, its .357 Mag. Chamber and its 24 ounce weight, the Taurus The 605 revolver is made for transport. Double action / single action can digest .38 Spl. to make the practice a pleasant experience, but when loaded with the most powerful cartridge, it contains enough power to stop a criminal assault with authority.

The capacity is five rounds and the frame, cylinder and barrel are made of stainless steel with a pleasing matte finish. A soft, rubberized black grip does a good job of dipping the recoil. The sights are attached with a ramp at the front and a groove at the rear.

A transfer bar safety prevents the gun from touching a cartridge without fully pulling the hammer back. The pistol also comes with the Taurus safety system. Turning its lock, which is integrated into the frame and located under the hammer, renders the firearm unusable. The functionality is often cited as a plus for anyone who needs to prevent unauthorized access – those with small ones in the house, etc. Two keys to operate the device are included with the revolver.

The pistol’s weight does not place it among the lightest transport revolvers, although its weight is a welcome addition when firing high recoil charges. The rest of the gun, however, features the smooth sides and rounded edges needed to minimize snagging on clothing during presentation, a real concern when under stress.

The overall length of the Taurus 605, which was introduced in 1995 and continues to be a good seller for the company, is 6.5 “. The width is 1.4” and the height is 4.4 “. distinctive enough to stand out from most of the competition.

The MSRP of the Brazilian-made revolver, imported by Taurus USA, is $ 406. Its solid performance, price and simple design have made it a popular choice among enthusiasts for over a quarter of a century.

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