The Great ‘Green’ Shotgun Cartridge Test – Fieldtester Episode 2 – Fieldsports Channel

This month, we’re going green and testing shotgun shells with the best green credentials.

Presented by David Wright, Jason Doyle and Tim Pilbeam with help from Raytrade’s Jack Clutterbuck, they look at the best products manufacturers and distributors have to offer.

Is it steel, is it lead, is it plastic? The guys discuss everything from animal welfare to public relations and ask what is the motivation behind the changes?

We start with freeze tests to compare the penetration of lead and steel, then explore how they degrade in a soggy ladle and submerged in a water bath for 24 hours. And what about those steel-proof guns? do we need to see a cultural shift and stop surrendering our weapons and using, abusing and rebuilding instead?

Along with the shell test, we ask Dr. David Marlin, an animal physiologist, to rate a bag of vegan (yup, vegan) dog food. Is there anything missing that would prevent a working dog from thriving?

We also hear from our gunsmithing gurus about the best spring on the market, the best shotgun for under £2000, how to maximize your trade-in and what happens if you don’t clean your moderator.

This show is all about testing the kit and asking questions. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but hopefully we can give consumers a better understanding of what’s happening in the market.

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Is vegan dog food good for dogs?

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