The Halton District School Board says students in parts of Oakville will soon be redirected to another high school. Here are the details of the plan

To ease significant enrollment pressure at White Oaks High School, some students will be temporarily redirected to a high school south of the QEW freeway, in a new plan proposed by the Halton District School Board.

Failure to act at this time would mean the council would exceed WOSS’s maximum portable capacity in September, said Frederick Thibeault, general manager of planning.

The two-year phased approach primarily targets the growing population north of Dundas Street.

Here are some details of the plan:

• Starting in September 2022, new students moving to the area north of Dundas or coming from other school boards will be redirected to TA Blakelock, located at 1160 Rebecca St. This decision will not affect current WOSS students or those who graduated from HDSB primary schools, such as Oodenawi, Dr. David R. Williams, River Oaks, Falgarwood, Munns, Sunningdale and Palermo in English immersion programs or in French.

• Starting in 2023, in addition to redirecting new students from growth areas north of Dundas, students currently attending River Oaks, Falgarwood, Munns, Palermo and Sunningdale, into English or French immersion programs, will be redirected to Blakelock upon graduation.

• Students participating in the WOSS CPP or IB programs will continue in WOSS.

• The council will also implement an I-STEM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program at Blakelock beginning in 2023.

•Dr. David R. Williams and Oodenawi Schools are not affected by the redirection.

The redirection plan will remain in place until the new Oakville NE High School opens and a new boundary review process is conducted.

The plan not only offsets pressure at WOSS, it improves TAB utilization, addressing declining enrollment and scheduling issues, Thibeault said.

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