The pandemic remains a reality in other parts of the world | Letters to the Editor

The pandemic is not yet over. As life begins to return to normal for many New Mexicans, the same can’t be said for the rest of the world. The desire for a little sense of normalcy can be understood, but the pandemic will only end if the global community comes together and fights for the common good.

Many can now claim to be vaccinated and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but a narrow view of the pandemic can prove to be detrimental. My point in this letter is to urge United States Representative Teresa Leger Fernández and American Senses Ben Ray Luján and Martin Heinrich to support the COVAX initiative and help raise awareness of the need for foreign aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In her My View (“District Attorney Brings Case for Restorative Justice,” May 25), District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies admits “It’s my job to make sure something like this doesn’t happen. reproduce more. “

Then, her face seemingly unmoved, she claims that a delayed prosecution, no convictions on their record, and no possibility of jail time are in order for the destruction of the historic monument in the heart of Santa Fe. Restorative justice in this case does nothing to restore anything. except for the criminals who laugh at our justice system, just like they laughed while desecrating the Plaza.

In a recent column, the Rio Grande Foundation again exposes its entirely negative views on New Mexico, this time equating population growth with economic growth (“Census data is a warning to New Mexico,” My View , May 24). More people don’t mean better conditions for New Mexicans. Economic growth comes from those policies these foundations hate – good wages, health insurance for all workers, funded education programs, and clean air.

If population equals economic well-being, India would be the linchpin of the world. And, in farewell silliness, the foundation berates lawmakers for not trying to diversify the economy as they maintain their steadfast loyalty to oil, gas and coal rather than clean diversification into the economy. energy and transport. Same old, same old of these people.

Shortly after former Governor Bill Richardson was elected for his first term, he mentioned that New Mexico is in a unique position to lead the country on sustainable renewable energy. It is also cited in a recent article (“Time for renewables: Avangrid will get us there”, My View, May 23).

Ironically, after being elected for that first term, Richardson secured tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to build the New Mexico Rail Runner Express passenger train. He had the unique opportunity to build an electric train. Global technology was there. Instead, he built a diesel powered train, which naturally resulted in a huge carbon footprint.

We are now faced with reducing this carbon footprint with the significant cost of converting carbonaceous fuel into electric power to achieve the 2040 reduction target. Richardson had the opportunity at least 15 years ago to build ‘electricity. From now on, he takes credit for having always supported alternative energies.

New Mexico must be skeptical of this latest endorsement from Avangrid. This includes the Public Regulatory Commission.

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