The worst first date ever! Man orders 100 hard-shell tacos from Taco Bell, charges for his date


Elyse Myers might just have the worst dating story ever.

The TikToker went viral on the social media platform this week for sharing her dating horror story, which involved her taking a man she met on a dating app to a Taco Bell, then pay for his order of 100 hard-shell tacos.

So how did it all happen? Myers explained in her video that she went to the date assuming the two were going to a restaurant. Looking back, she should have seen the red flags, starting with the fact that he told her to pick him up at his home rather than at his destination.

“Why didn’t we meet over there? I have no idea,” she joked.

When she arrived he told her he had lost his keys and needed her to drive. This turned out to be another red flag that she ignored. “Should I have left him there and gone home?” Yes. Have I not done it? Absolutely not, Myers said.

From there, Meyers was directed to the Taco Bell. “He could have driven to an abandoned warehouse and I would have said, ‘To the left of that stop sign?’ OK!” she teased.

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Eventually, they found themselves in the drive-thru lane of Taco Bell, which Meyers agreed to. But when he placed his massive order for hard-shell tacos and then asked her to pay because he didn’t have his wallet with him, Meyers finally saw problems.

By the time they got home, she knew there was no turning back. “I was like, okay, it’s happening. I’m committed to it now. It’s happening,” she said.

Even seeing that he was living with his father, Meyers tried to put a positive spin on things.

“The hoops that I [was] teleport me to convince myself that this decision I made is good [was] savage, “she lamented.

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Taco Bell Delivery

Taco Bell Delivery

As he emptied the contents of the bag, the man shouted “Let’s feast” at the top of the lungs, Meyers recalls. “We ate hard-shelled tacos in complete silence,” she recalls. “You could hear us both chewing. It was absolute chaos.”

The father joined in for a bit, eating his taco on Meyers.

It wasn’t until Meyers’ date asked her if she wanted to see her studio that she decided to leave because “I was going to be 100% killed.”

She walked out with boxes of tacos in her purse and thanked the man before saying, “Thank you for the experience. You will never hear from me again. “

The video garnered 42.5,000 comments and over 2.3 million likes. It has been viewed over 12.3 million times.

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In a follow-up clip, Meyers revealed that she no longer remembered the man’s name, but was not exaggerating when she said that she had “literally” bought 100 crispy tacos.

“I probably would have bought 1,000 if he had ordered them. If you say you would do something different, either you are lying or you are not a woman who first met someone online. times.”

It took the staff at Taco Bell 15 minutes to make the tacos, but “seemed like forever” because he was talking about his ex-girlfriend all the time.

The total cost? $ 149.07.

All is well for Myers in the romance department these days. She told her subscribers that she was married to “a husband’s smoke show”.

As for Taco Bell? “I haven’t been to a Taco Bell since,” she explained.

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