This frantic co-op spaceship game mixes the best parts of FTL and Overcooked

I’ve seen many episodes of Star Trek but never one in which Captain Picard frantically runs down a corridor of the Enterprise carrying a torpedo and crashes directly into Worf, who is heading in the opposite direction to ram a time bomb in an incinerator. Bumping and jostling, they eventually manage to pass each other in time for Picard to charge in and fire the torpedo.

Then he accidentally ejects himself from the ship through an airlock and suffocates in space.

It would be a weird episode of Star Trek, but it’s business as usual in It means deformation, a frenetic co-op spaceship management roguelite that feels like FTL and Overcooked were shoved together in a transporter and merged into a single entity. Just like in FTL, you travel through space, battle enemy ships, and encounter random encounters and events. And like in Overcooked, you manage everything by dragging yourself as the captain of the ship, transporting items from place to place while trying to avoid total disaster.

I played a bit of This Means Warp, which is now in Steam Early Access, and it’s a fun mix of strategy and mayhem. The controls are a little clunky and the characters waddle more than they run, but that adds to the tension when trying to quickly haul ammo to weapons and deliver repair kits to hull breaches. Task prioritization is a constant: do I target the enemy hull to keep them busy with repairs, or do I aim for their weapons so they can’t fire back? Can I delay repairing my own hull breach to load the gun and fire another shot, or should I drop the torpedo and grab the repair kit?

Your shipmates can be up to 3 other human players or AI-controlled companions you meet on your adventure, and honestly, they can be just as much of a hindrance as your enemies, like when you’re playing all the three to grab the single torpedo available from the ammo generator, or all of them trying to get through the same narrow doorway to fix a leaky hull. Coordination requires communication (or just yelling at your partners), but even when playing solo, you can assign work priorities to AI teammates, and they do a pretty good job of keeping your ship in working order. walk.

Each victory brings new upgrades: mods that improve weapon damage or increase hull health, new features for your ship like a little robot that can load weapons for you or automatically grab enemy bombs and incinerate them before that they do not explode. Enemy ships get progressively bigger and more dangerous, and naturally there are massive boss ships with force fields and powerful weapons. Besides combat, there are optional time-based missions, asteroid belts to navigate, and space dock tours to purchase new weapons or modules for your ship.

This Means Warp is one to check out if you’re looking for a fun and frantic local or online co-op game like Overcooked. It is expected to stay in Early Access for about a year, during which time new ship configurations, bosses, and mini-games will be added. you can find it here on Steam.

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