Top Exporters of Firearms, Ammunition and Firearms Parts and Accessories, by Country

The export of firearms, ammunition, firearm parts and accessories is classified under the small arms and light weapons trade. Trade continues to grow as countries increase their net production of small arms. Most of the industrialized countries rank among the major producers of weapons due to their advanced technological know-how, financial stability and improved research in the development of new weapons. The countries of Asia and Africa are the main importers of these weapons, due to the intensification of conflicts in the regions. The sale of and demand for small arms fuel the vicious circle of the conflict. The proliferation of small arms (legal and illegal) has been linked to increased rates of armed crime, murder and war in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The expansion of the small arms market has led to increased investment in weapon research to develop many powerful and compact weapons that are easy to transport. The number of people with access to small arms is also increasing for reasons such as prestige and security. Firearms and firearms are a major contributing factor to the decline of animal species in the wild due to the increase in sport and illegal hunting.

10. Czech Republic (US $ 318 million)

The Czech Republic is the tenth largest exporter of small arms, raising around $ 318 million. Defense in the country has grown steadily due to increasing insecurity and war, which has increased the demand for small arms and light weapons and their accessories. The Czech Republic exports its arms to Ukraine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Algeria, the United States and Slovenia.

9. Brazil (365 million US dollars)

The growth of the small arms and light weapons trade in Brazil has increased over the years. Brazil exports $ 365 million worth of guns, ammunition, firearms and gun accessories to more than 100 countries, mostly countries affected by conflicts in the Middle East and in Asia. The export of these weapons to fragile countries has been criticized by the United Nations and other humanitarian agencies, as the weapons are used in connection with human rights violations. Brazil is a major producer of small arms with small arms companies such as Taurus and Avibras Industria Aerospacial.

8. Austria (US $ 414 million)

Austria derives around $ 414 million from the export of small arms and light weapons and their accessories, making it the eighth largest exporter of small arms. Austria’s small-scale commercial industry responds mainly to the external demand for weapons due to a small and unreliable domestic market. Austria exports its firearms, ammunition, firearms and firearm accessories to the United States and Asian countries. Glock and Steyr Mannlicher are the main arms manufacturers in Austria.

7. South Korea (US $ 438 million)

South Korea generates $ 438 million through the export of firearms, ammunition, firearms and accessories. South Korea began to develop its defense industry through partnerships with the United States. Several South Korean arms companies such as Samsung and LIG Nex1 are among the world’s leading manufacturers. The growth of the defense industry saw tremendous growth and in 2007 motivated South Korea to pursue the global market which placed the country among the major arms exporters in the world. South Korea exports its arms to Iraq, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Philippines.

6. Turkey (443 million US dollars)

Turkey is one of the countries with an increasing level of independence in the production of its weapons. For more than ten years, Turkey has increased its production of small arms, placing the country on the list of the world’s leading exporters of small arms and light weapons. The small arms industry in Turkey generates around $ 443 million. Turkey exports its arms to the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Great Britain, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey has strived to modernize its military and has seen a tremendous growth in the defense industry, which subsequently contributed to the growth of the small arms industry.

5. Belgium (US $ 517 million)

Belgium derives revenues of $ 517 million from the export of small arms and light weapons and their accessories, making the country the fifth exporter in the category. Most of these weapons are exported to unstable countries in the Middle East, mainly Saudi Arabia. Other countries that import Belgian small arms include countries in the European Union and the United States. Belgium occupies a prominent place in countries with transparent arms exchange systems.

4. Germany (US $ 578 million)

Germany is the fourth largest exporter of small arms and generates a turnover of 578 million dollars. The arms industry in Germany is one of the most advanced and technically advanced industries in the world. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and South Korea are the main importers of German small arms. Despite restrictive policies on sales of small arms to conflict zones, the industry continues to grow with more sales recorded each year

3. Israel (US $ 868 million)

The arms industry in Israel developed in the 1920s thanks to the illegal manufacture of weapons by the Zionist movements. The industry has grown steadily since independence to become one of the world’s leading exporters of small arms. Previously, most of its small arms were exported to the Third World and Communist countries. Israel exports arms worth around $ 868 million. Most of these weapons are exported to more than 130 countries, including Southeast Asia, Latin America and India. India is currently Israel’s largest arms market.

2. Italy (1.71 billion USD)

Italy has the second largest small arms export industry after the United States. Italy generates a turnover of around 1.7 billion dollars. The United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, Peru, Spain and Chile are the main importers of Italian small arms. The small arms industry grew rapidly between 2011 and 2014 due to the global financial crisis which forced the country to export more. As a result, Italy’s arms sales are heavily dependent on external rather than domestic orders for arms.

1. United States (5.02 billion USD)

The United States is the world’s largest exporter of small arms with sales of approximately $ 5.02 billion. The United States exports most of its weapons to war-torn countries and countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and African countries such as Egypt. In these countries, the United States has established an ever-growing marketplace. The US small arms industry is expected to continue to grow due to investments in weapons research and development. The main manufacturing companies in the United States are Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

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