Tornado outbreak likely in parts of the Deep South

ORLANDO, Florida – The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted parts of the Deep South in a rare “high risk” of severe weather.

A severe weather threat, like the one unfolding on Wednesday, only occurs once or twice a year, on average. High risks are reserved for the most extreme weather epidemics.

A tornado outbreak, including the potential for intense and long-lasting storms, is likely in several southern states as a powerful system leaves the plains. Several series of severe thunderstorms will be possible on Wednesday, starting in the afternoon and continuing into the night.

Severe weather configuration

To make matters more dangerous, the threat of violent and long-lasting tornadoes continues after sunset.

Supercell thunderstorms, spinning storms that have the potential to generate tornadoes, increase throughout the evening.

Supercell potential

The map above highlights the potential for a supercell storm at 9 p.m., but strong tornadoes are possible throughout the afternoon and overnight in this part of the country.

A d

The threat of severe weather moves east on Thursday. The highest probability of severe weather will stretch from Georgia to Virginia.

Serious threat Thursday

A few strong storms will be possible Thursday evening and early Friday in central Florida.

It is important to note that although a few local storms could be strong Thursday, the intensity and extent of severe weather will not be close to that of the threat in parts of the Deep South on Wednesday.

Serious threat Thursday

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