Ukrainian army uses Czech-made 152mm Dana M2 howitzer to shell Russian troops | Ukraine – Russia conflict war 2022

According to a video posted on the Telegram account of “RVvoenkory” on July 7, 2022, the Ukrainian armed forces deployed in Siversk, Donetsk, use the Czech-made DANA M2 152 mm 8×8 self-propelled howitzer to bombard Russian forces deployed in Ukraine.
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Analysis of video showing a DANA M2 152mm self-propelled howitzer used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to bombard Russian troops in Ukraine.

On November 20, 2022, the editorial staff of Army Recognition reported that Ukraine planned to replace Soviet-made 2A36 Giatsint-B 152 mm towed howitzers, 2A65 MSTA-B 152 mm towed howitzers, 2S19 152 mm self-propelled howitzers and 2S5 152 mm self-propelled howitzers with the 152 mm DANA M2 wheeled self-propelled howitzer produced by the Czech defense industry. The Dana M2 was tested by the Ukrainian army in April 2021.

The Dana M2 is a modernized version of the DANA, a 152 mm 8×8 self-propelled howitzer that was developed in the late 1970s by ZTS to meet the operational requirements of the Czech Army for a highly mobile self-propelled artillery system.

The Dana M2 is based on a modified 8×8 Tatra 815 chassis offering high mobility in off-road conditions. The Dana-M2 has been upgraded with a new crew cabin offering more protection and equipped with two large bulletproof windows in the front and one window on each side improving situational awareness.

The Dana M2 is armed with a 152mm cannon that has a maximum firing range of 20 km with extended type ammunition and 21.5 km with DN1CZ ammunition. Note that the Dana-M2 is currently only available in Russian 152mm caliber, not 155mm NATO. The howitzer is equipped with a fully automatic system that loads the projectile and then loads it using an automatic rammer. The turret is split into two parts, with the gunner and loader operator on the left, while the ammunition handler is on the right and manually adjusts the projectile fuzes.

The Dana M2 is also equipped with a powerful onboard control system that contains diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun aiming subsystems, computerized fire control elements, and a new ammunition selection system. . The new automatic guidance system allows fast and fully automatic adjustment of the weapon to the firing position.

Ukrainian army uses Czech-made 152mm Dana M2 howitzer to shell Russian troops 925,002
Czech-made DANA M2 152 mm 8×8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer. (Image source Army Recognition).

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