Ukrainian forces seize Russian Buk SAM system and ammunition stockpile

Ukrainian special operations forces found a Russian Buk surface-to-air missile system and ammunition near one of the settlements, with no further details of the location disclosed.

The command of the special operations forces of the Ukrainian army announced the news on Facebook, reports Ukrinform.

“This discovery was made by a team of the Ukrainian Specops forces with resistance movement fighters. During special reconnaissance and search operations in the area of ​​one of the settlements, the soldiers discovered a Russian SAM system Buk. Next to the abandoned anti-aircraft missile system was a Russian hideout, where they hid ammunition, weapons and equipment,” the statement said.

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It is worth noting that the special operations forces continue their efforts to locate the enemy in order to fully “thank” him for the trophies.

As Ukrinform reported, the Russian military death toll as of April 3 amounted to almost 18,000. The enemy also lost 644 tanks, 1,830 armored fighting vehicles, 325 artillery systems, 105 MLR systems , 54 air defense systems, 143 combat aircraft, 134 helicopters and other equipment.

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