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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta faces a hacking issue, and a notable anti-cheat security account has voiced concerns that it is worse off than Warzone.

Halo Infinite has a ton of fun content, but the game faces a few issues as well. Besides the issue of downgrading players after wins, there is also the issue of cheaters and hackers ruining matches.

Online multiplayer titles often face this problem, and one popular anti-cheat Twitter account is concerned that the situation with the Halo Infinite cheater is worse than that of Warzone.

Call of Duty: War Zone players often have to deal with cheaters, so the developers will implement the launch of RICOCHET Anti-Cheat in the Pacific. Some fear that Halo Infinite might need a similar system.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department’s Twitter account is notorious for understanding cheaters, and they tweeted that the new Halo title would end up like Warzone but “much worse.” They then proposed a possible solution to the developers.

“Launch community dedicated server clients and you’ll probably have the next CS: GO and the cheating situation helps resolve itself, removing some of your burdens,” they tweeted.

According to the Anti-Cheat Police Department, Halo Infinite’s detection system takes too long to detect cheaters, so using dedicated server clients will greatly reduce the problem.

They explained that the cheat problem will persist as long as Halo Infinite continues to use “in-game data detection to combat cheating.”

Halo Infinite developers respond to cheating issues

While it is not clear whether the developers will listen to this suggestion or not, 343 Industries are aware of the cheat issue, as Community Manager, John Junyszek responded to this issue on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, cheating is a natural part of supporting an F2P PC game and it’s something we’ve been waiting for,” he tweeted. It will never go away completely, but we are ready and determined to release constant improvements to our game’s systems and take action against bad actors.

He then let fans know that the game currently does not have a “Report Player” feature, they can file reports against cheaters on the game’s support website, preferably with video evidence.

Hopefully, Halo Infinite’s anti-cheat measures will keep the game situation from getting as bad as Warzone’s. Until then, it remains to be seen whether the developers plan to give players dedicated server clients.

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Image Credit: 343 industries

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