Warzone Season 6 Early Patch Notes, File Size & Release Date/Time

Find out everything we know about the Warzone Season 6 Update Patch Notes so far, including map changes, events, and new weapons!

Warzone Season 6 and the last seasonal update before Warzone undergoes huge changes are finally on the horizon. This may be the last season of Warzone as we know it, but it also brings a lot of changes.

Check out the first patch notes for Warzone’s huge Season 6 update below.

When is Warzone Season 6 coming out?

Warzone’s Season 6 update will arrive on October 7. Additionally, the Season 6 update preload will be available on October 6 at 9 PM PT.

The file size on all platforms is currently unknown, but we will update this article as soon as Raven Software confirms this information.

Also, be sure to check out the Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Roadmap.

Warzone Cold War Season 6 Title Screen

Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Update Advance Patch Notes

This is what players can expect in the upcoming Warzone Season 6 update.

Verdansk Map Updates

First of all, Verdansk is getting huge changes in the update. Warzone Season 6 opening cinematic shows a huge explosion and it will change the main locations of Verdansk.

Not only will some of the downtown buildings collapse, but there is a huge crack in the ground in the middle of the stadium. This destruction has also uncovered mysterious places underground too…

Check out every Verdansk map change in Warzone’s Season 6 update.

Warzone Season 6 Downtown Destroyed

Original Style Gulag in Warzone Season 6

Second, it’s no surprise that Warzone’s Gulag is being refreshed in the new season. However, few would have predicted that it would be an updated version of the original Gulag prison showers.

This will go down well with Warzone players who are desperate for the original Gulag to return.

The Original Warzone Season 6 Gulag Returns

“The Haunting” Halloween Event

Also, Verdansk will get spooky again in October. While we don’t know much about the Halloween event yet, we do know the all-important release date for “The Haunting” in Warzone.

Additionally, a leak has revealed that a Donnie Darko Operator skin will be coming to Warzone for Halloween. This, along with the Ghostface operator skin in Warzone, will make Verdansk a very spooky place to visit.

Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event


.410 Ironskin Shotgun

The first of 3 new weapons in the Warzone Season 6 patch notes, the .410 Ironhide is a powerful melee rifle. It also has a high rate of fire, but don’t expect to down your enemies from long range!

You will definitely want to know how to unlock .410 Ironside in Warzone and Cold War Season 6!

Ironhide Warzone Season 6

Grav Assault Rifle

Next, the Grav has the fastest bullet speed of any assault rifle in the game and fires fast too! Just be sure to control the recoil to hit your targets.

Read more: How to Unlock Grav in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 6

Warzone Cold War Season 6 Grav Weapon

Combat ax Melee weapon

Plus, it wouldn’t be a new season of Warzone without a brand new melee weapon. Now you can wield a hatchet in Verdansk and Rebirth Island!

Warzone Cold War Season 6 Battle Ax Melee Weapon

Operator Alex Mason

Last, but certainly not least, a familiar face will be coming to Warzone. The patch notes indicate that original Black Ops main character Alex Mason will finally return in Warzone Season 6.

Find out how to unlock Mason in Warzone and Cold War Season 6.

Operator Alex Mason

And that’s all coming in Warzone Season 6, but be sure to keep an eye out for the full patch notes on the Call of Duty Blog.

Additionally, a leak has revealed that the Warzone Pacific map reveal event is coming in Season 6. However, it looks like Raven Software wants to keep this a surprise for now.

It’s also surprising that there aren’t any new game modes coming in Season 6. This at least means Iron Trials ’84 could return to Warzone this season.

Well, it might still be a while, but we have a few dates for your calendar. A leak has revealed the release dates for Warzone Season 6 Reloaded and Vanguard Season 1.

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