Where to find all Cube Monster parts in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8

Each Fortnite The season comes with some new features that fans can explore. As players will want to unravel new parts of the map, they will be greeted with new weapons and in-game events across the island.

A new crafting material is called Cube Monster Parts and it can be used to upgrade side weapons, which can be obtained from side areas and side anomalies.

You’ll find side areas and anomalies in random parts of the map every time you load up a match. A group of cubic monsters will be waiting for you inside and they will start attacking you when you enter.

Cubic monster pieces will drop randomly as you kill more cubic monsters in side areas and anomalies, making completing a side encounter one of the best ways to rack up more. Completing these encounters can be more difficult than it looks, as the number of Cubic Monsters will continue to grow over time.

Before heading to one of the Sideways, you should do a bit of looting so that you don’t run out of ammo or materials when fighting cubic monsters. While you are fighting cubic monsters, it is possible that other players can also enter the encounter. While some players will leave you behind or even help you in these encounters, others will try to get you out of there.

As you take out the cubic monsters, always keep an eye out for the borders around you and try to be as quick as possible. If you are looking to upgrade your side weapons with cube monster parts, you should do it somewhere else safely and leave the sides behind. Once you’re out, find a house or build a box around you to proceed with crafting. If you have all the materials you need, just open your inventory and go to the crafting tab.

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