Where to find Fortnite telescope parts

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass features 100 tiers of exciting cosmetics, but getting through each tier takes time and dedication. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3’s first Battle Pass includes the highly anticipated Spider-Man skins as well as unique offerings such as Shanta and the upcoming The Foundation Dwayne Johnson skin.

You’ll need to hit at least level 100 if you want to unlock all those skins and cosmetics, but it’ll take more than a few games to complete the Battle Pass. If you’re worried about not finishing before Season 2 or just want the skins ASAP, we’ve got the fastest ways to level up in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Complete Weekly and Daily Fortnite Quests

Fortnite offers players weekly and daily challenges to complete that offer a ton of bonus XP.

Weekly quests will task you with completing objectives like finding telescope parts and chopping down forest pines, and you’ll earn 25,000 XP for each.

Daily quests are much simpler, but not to be sniffed at. There will be three a day, and you will earn more 15,000 XP for each. This means you can earn approx. 45,000 XP a day just to complete simple objectives such as opening chests in different locations.

Check off Fortnite milestones

Fortnite Chapter 3 Milestones

The milestones came back in fortnite Chapter 3, allowing players to earn XP for completing simple actions such as opening chests and ammo boxes, catching fish, and feeding Klomberries to Klombos.

Most of these objectives will be completed naturally as you play, but check the quests page to see all your milestones.

You will win 8,000 XP for each milestone cleared, and an additional 20,000 XP for every ten. If you’re looking to level up quickly, be sure to check off these milestones as you play.

Play Fortnite Creative Mode

fortnite creative mode

Jumping into Fortnite’s Creative Mode is always a great way to earn XP quickly, as you’ll earn a massive amount of XP every 15 minutes no matter what you do.

Players will win 12,000 XP for every 15 minutes they spend in Creative Playlists, and it can be claimed up to five times. While you can earn XP while idle, it’s worth looking for the XP marker next to a Creative Experience, as it means you’ll also earn XP while playing.

Score Victory Royale in Fortnite

Fortnite Victory Royale

One of the best ways to level up fast in Fortnite is to simply win matches. It won’t be easy for everyone, but playing well consistently will allow you to fly through the levels.

You’ll earn XP by killing players and surviving each Storm Circle, then if you manage to earn a Victory Royale you’ll get a bonus 300 XP.

If you’re looking to get better at Fortnite, you can check out our best controller and mouse and keyboard setup guides.

Buy Fortnite Battle Pass tiers after tier 7

Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass

If you are someone who likes to buy Fortnite’s Battle Pass Tier Skip, you should wait until you have reached level 7 in the free Battle Pass.

The amount of XP required to level up increases dramatically after level 7, so purchasing all 25 level skips after level 7 will give you the best value, allowing you to level up faster.

And these are the best ways to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3! You can also find out how to get the new Pizza Party item and what it does.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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