Where to find Grim Whisper bow pieces

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s bows are some of the best weapons available to players. This guide shows players how to acquire the Grim Whisper bow.

Bows are by far the most effective and interesting types of weapons Rise of the Tomb Raider. While a rifle or pistol can be more powerful or have a higher rate of fire, ammo can sometimes be woefully scarce. The advantage of carrying a bow is that it is still a silent weapon and ammo can be crafted from items found in the environment. Players should try to have the strongest arcs possible.

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One of the best bows in the game can only be found by finding the matching pieces. The Grim Whisper bow has higher base damage than the Ancient Horn bow but retains all of the other benefits of the other bow. Players who want to get this bow will have to explore a few crypts to uncover all the rooms. This guide shows players how to do just that.


Rise of the Tomb Raider: How to get the Grim Whisper


In all, the Grim Whisper arc consists of four different parts and all of them are in places called Founder’s crypts. There are two in the Soviet facility and two in the geothermal valley. Here are the locations of the four.

Part 1: Players will find this part in the Soviet facility. They will find the entrance to the crypt not far from Installation Vista base camp. From the camp, players will need to descend the zipline and search the right side of the path to find the entrance to the crypt. They will find the front part inside.

Part 2: This part is also in the Soviet installation, but further away. Players will need to get to the Lumberjack Base Camp and head north until they come across a broken bridge. Players will find the crypt on the other side of the bridge between some trees. The room is inside the crypt.

Part 3: Players will find this part in the Geothermal Valley region. They will see a massive waterfall that will require them to descend from above on ledges. Players will then need to jump over the ledges to enter the waterfall. The crypt here contains the room.

Part 4: The last part of the arch is also in the geothermal valley area. Players must start at the Ruins Camp base camp and work your way up the hill past some ruins. They can then follow the edge of the cliff until they reach a hole in the wall between some trees that leads to the crypt and the last room in the arch.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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