Winter storm to keep snow overnight in parts of New Mexico

Grant’s Wednesday Night Forecast

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A major winter storm continues to affect New Mexico overnight. As the snow ends in the subway, it will move downstate through Thursday morning.

Heavy snowfall fell today over parts of northern New Mexico. However, Santa Fe missed a lot of the snow because of the wind. A band of heavy snow settled west of Albuquerque this afternoon and pushed east into the subway during the evening commute. This strip of snow is already moving away tonight.

Another band of heavier snow is still possible in the evening, but the snow will stop around 10 p.m. Meanwhile, snow will begin to accumulate in parts of south-central and southern New Mexico. However, the snow will already stop around 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Even with the end of the snow, the roads will continue to be icy and snowy all day Thursday as temperatures remain below freezing all afternoon. Continue to stay home at least Thursday morning in areas that saw heavy snowfall today.

The other impact of this storm system is the freezing and dangerous cold it brings along with a strong arctic cold front. Many areas experienced high temperatures shortly after midnight this morning as temperatures dropped throughout the day. High temperatures will remain below freezing throughout northern, central and eastern New Mexico on Thursday.

Wind chill temperatures will look below zero to 20 below zero Thursday and Friday morning. High temperatures will eventually rise above freezing for some Friday afternoons, but northern areas of the state may have to wait until Saturday afternoon.

A very slow warming trend will begin on Friday and continue into next week. High temperatures will finally move back closer to the average for this time of year by the middle of next week.

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