Woman horrified as lips swell to gigantic size after putty dissolves

A young woman was horrified when her lips swelled to a huge size after she tried to have her filler removed – leaving her with pain to eat.

Cleo Symes uploaded a Tik Tok video of her terrifying experience, showing her lips with the filler still in, then after the beautician applied numbing cream.

After a routine patch test, she was ready to have the filler dissolved, but was shocked to see that her lips had grown to about four times their normal size, according to Hull Live.

By posting on her account @cleosymes, we can see her laughing nervously before phoning her father in concern.

Luckily, Cleo’s lips returned to normal size the next day.

In a follow-up clip, she shared that “eating was a struggle.”

Fortunately, the swelling went down the next day – much to Cleo’s relief.

The TikTok clip has been viewed over 400,000 times with people shocked by what happened, The Sun reports.

Lip fillers or botox can carry serious risks, with many people often not being properly informed of the potential side effects.

People run the risk of rotting tissue and horrible infections.

If too much is injected or placed in the wrong place, it can put pressure on the arteries and cut off the blood supply.

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