Woman shares how she went from size 20 to size 10 in just six months without surgery

TikToker Lauren Davies decided to share her tips and secrets after dropping five dress sizes in less than six months, leaving her stunned followers asking if it’s really her in the videos

People tell Lauren Davies they can’t believe she’s the same person

A slim woman has some great health tips for those preparing to lose weight in January.

With Britons planning to binge on Christmas food next week, planning a big New Year’s rehab takes most of the guilt away for many.

Some are already taking inspiration on social media from Lauren Davies, who lost 10 dress sizes in six months without any surgery.

She’s lost so much weight that she says no one can believe it’s actually the same person.

Her friends constantly comment on her amazing new look, so she’s now shared how she did it.

She showed off the ‘front shot’ before she really wowed her followers



Her total body transformation in six months left people speechless



She shared her sensational transformation on TikTok – and people can’t believe it.

In two clips, Lauren explained her new, improved daily eating routine – showing her followers exactly what she’s consuming.

In a video, she said: “I ate protein oats with a banana. Chicken with rice and tender broccoli.

She sticks to drinking summer fruit squash – and says it has helped her maintain her weight.

But she also allows herself to snack – eating an alpro chocolate dessert, a Duplo hazelnut bar and even Drumstick Squashies.

But she always has treats – and can’t kick the Drumstick Squashies!



Lauren posted a before and after video on the platform.

Her followers were just as stunned as her friends, and many wondered if she was playing a trick on them.

One of his 33,000 fans said, “That can’t be you!”

Another congratulated her and said: “You are in inspiration I think I will follow your advice bravo x.”

“It’s not just about eating well,” she said.

Going to the gym really helps the pounds come off and she plans to keep her figure and make 2022 a year to remember.

Someone asked her how she manages to fit workouts into her busy life.

Lauren replied, “I just go there when I don’t have a job! I like to take 15-20,000 steps a day at work, it’s like going to the gym.

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