Woman teases tall woman as she works out at gym

When a popular social media face recorded her workout sequences, she shattered to pieces as she was laughed at for her physique. But luckily the online world did her justice when she posted the video on her social credentials.

Social media has given every human a space to express their talents and skills, regardless of their size, color or beliefs. Bethy Red is one of those social media stars, who calls herself a “plus size woman,” but she’s trying to make a space for her in the online ecosystem and make the world more palatable. However, a recent incident appears to have shattered his heart to pieces.

Red recently shared a video of an unpleasant incident at the gym. The video features Red in a gym outfit trying to flex and start his workout. However, as she adjusts the camera and places her hair in the mirror, a woman steps in.

Make fun of her !!

As the woman meets Red, she was busy taking her own workout video. However, the woman decides to interrupt. She asks Red why she was recording her video and when Red answered the question; the woman dropped a bombshell of recurring questions to hurt Red’s feelings.

Insultingly, she asked, “Are you?” Well, why? To create your own documentation or what? When Red felt really bad and started passing on details about herself, the woman burst out laughing. Red was shattered into pieces and she was completely devastated by the matter.

The video has gone viral !!

To add a pinch of salt to Red’s bleeding heart, the woman said her last words before stepping out of the gym. She said, “Well, have fun” and started laughing again.

Fortunately, Red recorded and posted the video, and with over 7 million active subscribers, the video quickly went viral. The woman was flooded with hatred for his callous demeanor. Some onlookers have claimed his intentions are to leave Red with all of his insecurities. The surfer asked Red to reveal the identity of the woman. They suggested that he expose the woman.

Woman teases tall woman as she works out at gym

But Red, being a better person, refused to do so. She begged her supporters to be kind and empathize with everyone, if someone was important to you.

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