How to get more mechanical parts in Fortnite with an easy car trick

While Mechanical Parts are an extremely useful tool in Fortnite due to their ability to craft more powerful weapons, they can be a bit difficult to find. A method of finding them that is circulating, however, can end up giving you more than normal.

Mechanical parts are one of Fortnite’s hottest commodities right now, as they allow you to craft popular and valuable weapons from the game’s past. Not only are gamers more used to them, but they are also part of the weaponry. the most powerful currently available.

This means that finding mechanical parts, and of course getting enough of them, is one of the main tasks players set for themselves when entering a match. While this is usually a bit heavy due to the time it takes to collect a fair amount of coins, it looks like there is a way around this problem.

Fortnite Mechanical Parts Easy Hint

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Mechanical parts are one of the most wanted items in Fortnite right now.

Mechanical parts can be found all over the map if you hit the right items, but most people tend to hit cars, as they can pretty much secure one or two if you play your cards right. One method that has circulated, however, is to shoot at vehicles rather than hit them.

As demonstrated by YouTuber Rigid game, if you shoot a truck with the gray or green makeshift submachine gun, you will have a higher chance of dropping more mechanical parts and being able to collect them much faster than hitting with your pickaxe.

While there is no foolproof way to drop a set amount of parts from each vehicle, using this method could increase your chances of collecting parts faster. There may be times when dumping an entire magazine in a vehicle will not produce any parts, while other times it may drop down to 4.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this method, the most obvious being that you will be using a lot of ammo. That being said, if you stumble upon certain cars and find a makeshift SMG and want to upgrade your weapons, this might be a good strategy to try.

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