The best Mortal Shell weapons and where to find them

Choosing the best Mortal Shell weapons and figuring out their locations isn’t the hardest challenge, as there are only five in total. However, they are all important because they are extremely potent and have their own unique properties, which means that you should try to collect them as quickly as possible. This is made easier because they are at the start of the three main dungeons, so you don’t have to make a lot of progress to reach them, and learning the routes will speed up the process as you will spend a long time grinding before unlocking it. ‘option for a quick trip.

All you need to get the best Mortal Shell weapons is to find the altar with a book on it at the start of the three dungeons and then interact with it. After a somewhat spooky little cutscene, you’ll get to fight Hadern, which you probably remember from the tutorial. If you can beat him, you will unlock the weapon he uses. All you need to do is pick it up from the statue next to the book, and you can even power up the weapons by finding specific items and using them on an anvil.

The best weapons in Mortal Shell

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There is good news and bad news here. There really isn’t a better Mortal Shell weapon that is better than the rest. Instead, each offers different strengths and weaknesses. However, there will definitely be one weapon that you favor over the rest, and that is why it is so important that you try to unlock them all as soon as you can so that you can find “the right one”.

When you do, you can devote all of your resources to that one weapon and really help yourself out when you get into some of the more difficult fights. We’ve given you a description of each of the four (and a half) weapons below, so you can read them and find out which one is right for you.

1. Sacred blade

deadly shell sanctified blade

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The Holy Blade is the first weapon you will encounter in Mortal Shell. You collect it from the statue inside the tutorial. These statues are the ones that will hold the weapons you unlock until you’ve equipped them once. The blade itself is a pretty decent weapon. It has good hitting speed and good damage, which makes it quite powerful when facing some of the smaller enemies. However, due to its balanced nature, this is unlikely to be your favorite weapon.

It has two special attacks, like all weapons, and you have to find the upgrades to unlock them. The first upgrade, the Mechanical Spike, can be found in a chest in Grisha Cave in front of Fallgrim Tower. This brings out a giant spike from the bottom of your sword which you then ram into an enemy to deal massive damage.

The second upgrade is the Molten Spike, which has the same general attack but also inflicts burns. This can only be found after you’ve taken down The Mist by defeating one of the bosses. You can find it in a Frog Chest in the Big Camp in a Valley in Fallgrim.

2. Smoldering mass

deadly shell mass

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Smoldering Mace is a long weapon that uses wide swings to take out enemies. You can unlock it by defeating Hadern at the start of the Temple Grounds area. It’s a bit slow on reassembly, but the typing speed itself is actually quite good. It’s a great choice if you’re fighting groups of enemies, and it only gets better when you unlock Special Attacks.

The first, unlocked using the Foundry Stone, unleashes an AoE attack that deals excellent damage and also sets enemies on fire. You can find this item inside a tomb which is just after the second room in the temple grounds.

The second ability is unlocked using the Awakened Stone. This ability sets the mace on fire and causes each hit to inflict burns on whatever the mace hits. You can find it in the Ashes Monument, in a tomb on the bridge that leads to the Fire Sanctuary.

3. Blade of the Martyr

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The Martyr’s Blade is the slowest of all weapons. However, it also deals the most damage per strike and has a very long range. It’s good against almost anything you’ll come across, but only if you can master the timing. You can unlock it by defeating Hadern at the start of the Abandoned Chamber.

The first upgrade is the Petrified Winter Glass, which covers the blade with ice and gives your strikes the ability to freeze enemies. You can find it through a hole on the right side of the third room of the Abandoned Chamber atop a Tomb.

The second upgrade comes from using the Radiant Winterglass. This gives you the ability to unleash a massive AoE attack that freezes enemies a bit. You can find it in the Socketed Shrine right after the Grisha Slave fight. Cross the bridge there and head down, then explore the back of the room to find it.

4. Hammer and chisel

deadly shell hammer and chisel

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You can get the Hammer and Chisel by defeating Hadern in the Eternal Narthex. It is by far the fastest weapon, but it also does the least damage. However, it can also inflict poison on enemies, which makes it a good choice if you like to fight slowly. It’s much better against single targets, but it compensates when you unlock the first ability.

The first ability is acquired via the scented censer. This ability allows you to turn forward and shoot nails to attack the surrounding area. This is a great ability to take out a group of enemies. You can find this censer in the left area of ​​Eternal Narthex behind a torch guarded by one of the enemies from a distance.

The second ability allows you to smash the chisel on distant enemies and deal absurd damage. You unlock it using the Foul Censer which you can find in the Shifting Archives. Right before the boss is a teleporter hidden among the tablets, grab the teleporter to collect this item.

5. Ballistazooka

Deadly Ballistazooka shell

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The final weapon is possibly the most showy of all. It is not a primary weapon, but a weapon that you can use as long as you have ammo. To unlock the Ballistazooka, you need to purchase Vlas’s Tools at the Fallgrim Tower for 8,000 Tar.

Once you’ve done that, you can head to the anvil where it rests on the first floor of the Fallgrim Tower and repair it. From there you can use it as long as you have big bolts. These can be purchased from Vlas for 800 tar, but they also occasionally drop from certain enemies.

The weapon itself is a ranged weapon, and it’s a great choice for taking out annoying enemies without risking your own health. It’s a bit slow though, so be prepared for this wind up.

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